Super Woman of the Week – January 12, 2018

It takes courage and trust to look within as well as allow yourself to be supported by others! We all have our OWN story and our OWN process of discovering ourselves | gaining control of our OWN identity! Women are joining my community with the understanding that support is necessary – whether or not you have realized it – WE NEED EACH OTHER!

This week we recognize Alithia Atchison. Our friendship started more than a decade ago – we met during my college internship with LandAmerica. My desk was positioned where I was able to see her walk into work each day – I could see the sadness in her eyes. As the years past and our friendship formed – I have come to know and understand the story of HER life and the various seasons she has been through. She has incredible inner strength that has enabled her to survive whatever was thrown her way. If you ask me – HER story gives light to others that they can overcome whatever it is that is holding them back.

The “easy way” or “lazy way” – this just isn’t something she does in her life. Trusting the process hasn’t been easy and I have watched her begin to slowly open up (years it takes – may I gently remind you) and to get real with emotions/feelings she has buried from past experiences. I truly believe that a person must “unbox the baggage” in order to find their purpose and live a life aligned with the vision they craft for themselves.

Three years ago – Alithia began to really dig deep and gain the tools to live a meaningful and purposeful life with less focus on dwelling on the past – things that cannot be changed and learn how to focus her energy on reflection. It has taken an open mind and willingness to fail forward | recognizing that every experience is helping her to become who she was meant to be all along.

Her transformation has been a 3 year journey of regaining her OWN identity and self worth. Recognize the importance of this friends! The dirty – inner work has allowed her to build a pretty strong foundation to take her transformation to the next level including the 4.5 inches lost last week! If you were to ask her – don’t wait to startstop the self doubt and go for it! I’m so excited what this next 3 month journey together will bring for your health and wellness!

Nobody said it was going to be easy | it sure is WORTH IT.

If you are reading this post | take the time to reflect and encourage the people in your life to cultivate (if you are not already) – allow your doubts to be doorways – lean in – for the lessons in the dirt (picture yourself as a seedling growing in a garden-imperfections and all). The dirt is what will change you – your spirit, work, Family, and future.

Way to go Alithia!


Yours Truly (Coach Melissa Brown)

super woman, accountability group


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