Spring Training Bootcamp – Starts March 14th

challenge group, accountability group, bootcamp, 22 Minute Hard Corps

It’s time to get back on track, gain confidence, and focus on those healthy habits! This is your time and I’m inviting you to JOIN ME!

I started working out at home in January 2015 because I needed to take control of my depression and anxiety that was consuming my life.  At the time, I had a 2 year old and I did not want to leave her at the gym nursery or with another person after being away from her all day while at work. Also, I just did not want to pay for want to pay for the gym membership that I was afraid I would not use because that was my previous trend for an entire year! At home workouts is definitely a WIN for me.

It is no secret that I 100% believe in the workouts, the nutrition program, the support you get from a coach, which is the secret sauce and the entire experience! I personally believe that if I did not have the support from my coach and the group of challengers that I would not of ever truly have had the transformation that I did and have been able to maintain it. It was my coach (not family or friends) who:

  • Picked me up when the results did not happen after the first week
  • Introduced me to clean eating
  • Helped me to understand the concepts of portion control and balanced eating that did not involve the latest “fad” diet plan
  • Was my sounding board; my voice of reason when I wanted to eat everything in sight and give up (*KEY: The more I opened up to my coach the more progress I continued to make in my journey!)

The encouragement from the group made me even more motivated to just CRUSH IT! Now, it’s time for YOU to do it too! There are ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES, but it does take admitting that you need help and are willingly to commit to the process. You deserve to know how good your body is designed to feel!

Join me on March 14th for the start of our plan and prep week with official day 1 of workouts starting March 21st! This is for anyone wishing to dive right in with me for the next 8 week challenge together. This challenge will take us right up into the beginning of May; just in time for warmer clothes. In the group you will find daily support, motivation, and accountability. In addition, you will get help with meal planning and be given healthy recipes to teach you how to make clean eating fun, easy, and for the entire family.

22 Minute Hard Corps is a newest home workout program (with 2 Challenge Pack options) and I am looking for 5 people to join in on the fun; 22 minutes, 6 days a week, for 8 weeks. This program is for ALL ABILITY LEVELS.  This workout is not a workout that requires you to have a base level of fitness or have done any other Tony Horton Workouts prior to your start. You can use little or no weights and there are modifiers in EVERY workout. As you get stronger, your stamina will build and you will feel more confident in your ability to increase your weights and up your intensity. Honestly, you can do anything for 22 minutes!

22 Minute Hard Corps, challenge group, accountability group

This is for you, whether you consider yourself:

  • A new mom just getting back in to a workout routine and looking to bounce back after the baby, but cannot quite find the time to get to the gym.
  • Already in the habit of regular exercise, but stuck at a bit of a plateau. 
  • Need to lose 50+ pounds to be at healthy BMI.
  • Former athlete looking to find a workout schedule that challenges you and brings you back to those training days and top shape.
  • Busy professional or busy parent that loves group exercise classes, but can not seem to find the time to make it to the gym regularly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I’m always happy to help you choose a program and nutrition plan that best suites your goals. The application support form is available here! I will contact you within 24 hours of completing the form.

Please kindly note that each participant in the challenge is required to commit to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group.

If you do not currently work with a Coach, please make sure to make me your FREE coach here. I have customers throughout the United States and Canada!

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