Increase Your Ingredient Awareness

I think about this often and I am by no means perfect since choosing to make changes in my life. My goal is progress each day rather than perfection. I find moderation is important on my journey so that I can continue to live this lifestyle long-term. I continue to keep an open mind and learn more. YES, there was a time where I really took short cuts in my life related to my health and wellness including a wide variety of feelings that involved 1) thinking there was not enough time in my day,  2) guilt, 3) self-sabotage, 4) fear of failure, and 5) finances. I did not focus my energy on nutrient deficiencies and that nutrient deficiencies can be a cause of my depression and anxiety. What I personally was dealing with then had a domino effect on the way that I was viewing myself, interactions with family, energy levels, etc.

Slight nutrient deficiencies add up over time and can slowly lead to:
Digestive problems: IBS and Colitis
Weight gain: Obesity, Diabetes
Mental imbalances: Anxiety, Depression
Inflammation: Chronic pain, Arthritis, Dementia, Heart Disease, Stroke
Premature Aging: Joint pain, Degenerative Diseases

As I pause for a moment, I think about how my life choices are working with me rather than against me. I hope this information helps you too! I’m always here to chat…no need to ever feel alone or that your struggles are unique to you. Feel free to connect with me by completing the get support application.


Increase Your Ingredient Awareness - Final 3

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