Beachbody Health Bet Challenge – Get Paid to Get Healthy

Beachbody Challenge Image

My first virtual accountability group of 2017 kicks off on January 9th; New Year – New YOU! What makes this group even more exciting is that every person who participates in my New Year – New YOU group using the My Challenge Tracker App (the app is free to download on apple and android) has an opportunity to qualify and automatically win an equal share of the $2 million Beachbody Health Bet prize pool. This is the 2nd time that Beachbody has offered the pool prize!

So How Do You Qualify?

Qualifiers must meet all requirements for each of the 4 qualification weeks.

    • Week 1 – January 9 – January 15
    • Week 2 – January 16 – January 22
    • Week 3 – January 23 – January 29
    • Week 4 – January 30 – February 5

Qualification 1

You must be a participant in my New Year – New YOU group on the My Challenge Tracker App by 11:59 PM PT on January 9, 2017. Participants must have a valid First and Last Name, email address, and shipping address associated with their Team Beachbody account by February 6, 2017 in order to be paid out.

Qualification 2

Since you are committed to getting fit…qualification 2 and 3 should be easy! There are 7 Shakeology flavors to choose from and if you have never tried Shakeology before I am here to help you figure out the flavor you like best! I have a lot of recipes to share with you. Here’s the deal…you must log a minimum of 5 Shakeology’s (each accompanied by a Shakeology photo) during each qualification week. The logged photos can be of your Shakeology on its own, your Shakeology preparation on its own, or of you preparing or consuming your Shakeology. Enjoy Shakeology by itself with water, follow a recipe, or create your own beverage or food item of your choice, as long as it’s clear it’s made with Shakeology when you take the photo. All Shakeology’s must be logged by 11:59 PM PT on the last day of each contest week mentioned above.

Qualification 3

Let’s give a SHOUT OUT for those sweaty selfies! Each participant must log a minimum of 3 workouts during each qualification week. All workouts must be logged by 11:59 PM PT on the last day of each contest week mentioned above.

Together we are all stronger!

So who is ready to join in on the FUN!

  • You can win money for checking in daily and logging workouts and Shakeology for the Health Bet Challenge!
  • I can help you stay accountable to the results you want!
  • Challenge Tracker App is helpful for not only tracking your workouts and Shakeology, but your measurements and transformation photos as well as it takes you off of Facebook (we all know can be distracting!)

If you are interested in learning more about this upcoming group, please contact me at or fill at the application on my Get Support page. SPACE IS LIMITED so be sure to reserve your spot today!

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