Super Woman of the Week – January 5, 2018

It takes courage and trust to look within as well as allow yourself to be supported by others! We all have our OWN story and our OWN process of discovering ourselves | gaining control of our OWN identity! Women are joining my community with the understanding that support is necessary – whether or not you have realized it – WE NEED EACH OTHER!

This week we recognize Stephanie Merriman. I have watched this girl personally grow during 2017! It was a turning year for her with a lot of tears and frustrations along the way BUT she has handled it with GRACE – going to school while raising her two kids. Her husband serves to protect our country so there are often times when she is a “single mom.” The deployment is difficult on her family BUT as a young couple they are building a strong foundation.

Nobody said it was going to be easy | it sure is WORTH IT!

If you are reading this post | take the time to reflect and encourage the people in your life to cultivate (if you are not already) – allow your doubts to be doorways – lean in – for the lessons in the dirt (picture yourself as a seedling growing in a garden-imperfections and all). The dirt is what will change you – your spirit, work, family, and future.

Way to go Stephanie!


Yours Truly (Coach Melissa Brown)

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