Giving the Past a Brighter Future!

***PLEASE allow me to share part of MY STORY with you!***

I lost count of the seasons where there was a battle in my mind of lack of self-worth and falling short. I’m one of those people who are extremely good at listening and turning the focus on others – so that the broken parts of me would more easily stay hidden from those around me. I never wanted my “problems” to burden others. My quiet personality in a room filled with people often was mistaken for trying to be controlling or not wanting to give people the time of day. Both of which are far from the truth. I lost myself – what makes me unique in this world – in an effort to please others and meet their expectations. Have you ever felt this way to friend?

The late nights and long drives coming home from my public accounting job allowed downtime for my mind to wonder even more.

What if I didn’t take the left hand turn to my road and rather drive straight into the embankment? Would I survive without injury or would portions of my body be paralyzed? What quality of life would come if I did survive the accident?

What about the large hole I would leave in my parent’s heart? Would I forever leave my parent’s with a lifetime of them blaming themselves?

What about my newborn daughter? I would miss seeing her experience life with my own eyes?

What about my soul mate? My best friend who I didn’t share my dark thoughts with because I didn’t want to burden him – he would never again feel the warmth from my hugs or the softness of my lips when I kissed his cheek. He would never hear me say “I Love You and then me respond again with I Love You MORE.”

You see – mental health – isn’t something to suffer from alone. Creating the awareness is part of MY STORY to show others that they can SAVE themselves. I’m on a mission to help one person at a time because I believe that each of us has the power to take back control. I’m living proof friends that you can transform your choices and perspective towards whatever you may encounter in YOUR story!

You see – in January 2015 – I took responsibility for my dark thoughts. I chose to be a warrior and work through whatever was thrown my way with courage, love, positivity, and soul. I allowed myself to wholeheartedly jump into a $140 investment in myself that I strongly believe the tools and people I became surrounded with is what opened the doors for me to continue to SAVE myself especially when doubt tries to creep in and the whispers of you’re not good enough.

This opportunity opened the door for me to a community of vulnerable women most like me from all different backgrounds. I have been able to cultivate more in my own life while at the same time enriching the lives of those around me by sharing the same resources that have helped me get back up on my feet – to discover the person that GOD had meant for me to be all along. I just had to listen and be receptive of the helping hands. I have been brought closer to my purpose because of this opportunity. Hear’s a secret – don’t wait to be perfect to move forward. There is no such thing as perfect and every trial in your lifetime has a message – you just have to be willing to listen and grow.

Trust in me.
Trust in yourself.
You truly can do HARD things friend.

I’m looking for those women who feel broken or who are working on regaining their own identity again.

I am accepting applications for 5 women – who are ready to take on this opportunity to take control of their own life. I’m wanting those women who are:
πŸ‘‰ willing to be VULNERABLE
πŸ‘‰ receptive of help – TEACHABLE
πŸ‘‰ willing to show some GRIT when necessary
πŸ‘‰ going to continue to adapt along the way and get back up stronger each time!

If this interests you – leave a comment or send me an email at – we can chat more!

***Someday is TODAY – not tomorrow – to take steps towards SAVING yourself.***

Baking Christmas Cookies - Vulnerability Post

I share this picture of my family baking Christmas cookies – on the left side you can see my faded image…it reminds me of what I would have missed if I had allowed myself to become a faded memory.

You too can be a WARRIOR with me!Β Please consider sharing – I take being an online lifestyle coach extremely serious and I know that we all know someone who could use help gaining control of their life – gain back their own identity. I know as a mom of 2, learning to take the time for me has been a process to learn and it started in 2015. The ability to not lose myself in daily life has become a gift that I’m helping others embrace in their own life. Progress not perfection my friend; be kind to yourself as your welcome imperfections and receive support from a community of real – women – who are cultivating your growth!

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