Are You Someone Who Scrolls Social Media & Wishes You Could Make a Similar Impact Through Your Job?

So many hold back because they are just unsure if taking the unconventional job is too risky. The thoughts of “can this even work for me” and the “what ifs” lead them paralyzed in fear so they simply watch from the sidelines.

When I started this unconventional job – I started because it SAVED my life. It helped me gain back my identity that I had lost being a wife, mom, and auditor for a Big 4 company. I knew that I wanted to make an impact on others and share that tools/resources that I was using every day in my life with those around me. I saw the value and I saw that other women needed SAVED too.

I wasn’t sure where this unconventional job would take me, but I BELIEVED IN IT. I knew that nothing but positivity could come from it. I was already helping those women in my life – so why not get paid when I make an IMPACT.

I took a leap 3 years ago and from there I’m incredibly proud of the team that I’m building.

Please welcome the newest team member, Katie, to Team Heart & Soul!

Welcome New Coach_Katie Fischer

If you are looking to embrace an unconventional job where you can incorporate flexibility of the job into your day – I am looking for you!

I am looking to add 5 more driven, passionate, and committed women to my team. Are these qualities that define you?

Send me a message at (Subject: Coaching Opportunity) or leave a comment to this post so that we can connect and talk more about this job opportunity that will allow you to impact the lives of others.


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