Making an Impact on Another Person’s Life has NO Age Limit!

When it comes to success, age shouldn’t be a limiting factor, but unfortunately a lot of people think it is. So much friends that it holds people back from starting a new routine or pursuing their dreams.

Did anyone ever tell you that “age is just a number” – well it’s true! Mindset plays a vital role and developing the mind should be a daily habit similar to brushing your teeth. Look at your number as an advantage versus a detriment to your success. Your struggle can become your biggest asset in life. It will allow you to relate and connect with people on a much deeper level because you’ve been in their shoes and came out the other side, stronger and more powerful than ever before.

At age 50, Mitzi has proved to herself that she can be the most fit in her life and use the resources she has learned to help other women especially those who have loved ones in the military.

Please welcome Mitzi to Team Heart & Soul!

WelcomE New CoaCh_Mitzi Merriman.png

If you are looking to make an impact where you can incorporate flexibility of the job into your day – I am looking for you!

I am looking to add 5 more driven, passionate, and committed women to my team. Are these qualities that define you?

Send me a message at (Subject: Coaching Opportunity) or leave a comment to this post so that we can connect and talk more about this job opportunity that will allow you to impact the lives of others.

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