22 Minute Hard Corps – Week 2

Week 2 of 22 Minute Hard Corps is almost complete! There were new moves added in the Resistance 2 and Cardio 2 workouts that added an additional challenge for this mama. I always recommend to modify when necessary. It is more important to do a move the correct way rather than to try and keep up with the number of reps being performed in the workout program. One thing for sure is if you keep at it…you will succeed!

22 Minute Hard Corps - Cardio 2


Resistance 2 included: burpees, jump squats, chin-up L crunches, punch pulls, and corkscrew lifts. The Cardio 2 workouts included: mountain climbers, straight leg sprints, gorilla crawls, jimmie jumps, water bug, and burpees. I really do enjoy that the 22 minutes is fast paced and keeps my body moving. My blood pumping is an instant mood booster! Again, I feel the workouts are totally doable.

My workout schedule for week 2 looks something like this:

22 Minute Hard Corps - Week 2 Schedule

Week 2 Meal Plan:

When I make a meal plan for the week, I like to include dinner options that my husband and daughter will eat with me. There is no need to make separate meals from your family! I’m here to help if you find that meal planning is not going as easy as you thought. Keep your meal plan simple and easy with recipes that you know and then slowly add new recipes!

22 Minute Hard Corps - Week 2 Meal Plan

Check out the Balsamic Brussels Sprouts side option! The green portion container equivalent is 1 cup chopped or 5 medium Brussels Sprouts equals 1 green ration.

Balsamic Brussels

If you would like to join my Spring Training Bootcamp there is still time. Enrollment is open until March 20th. Just think that 8 weeks from now we are in SPRING weather and SUMMER is a month away! You truly do have 22 minutes to devote to yourself. You always find time for the things you want the most…why not make your health and wellness a priority?!

If you do not currently work with a Coach, please make sure to make me your FREE coach here.

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