Country Heat – Week 2

Well I officially finished my first week of Country Heat! So here is an honest review of my first week as well as my plan for week 2. Tomorrow starts week 2 so stay tuned for all the updates and videos on my Facebook ( and Instagram (MelissaBrown66).


The workout calendar is 6 days a week. There are 2 new workout routines each week to learn; the same workout routine for 2 days in a row and then alternate on days 5 and 6. For week 1, the first workout was Country Swing. I am still shocked at how much I sweat during the workout and was sore in my core and legs. Giddy Up was the second workout and there were some moves such as Wonky Feet that caused me to try and try again! Again, the focus was on my abs and lower body during this workout. The Country Music in the background of the workout makes the time go fast and before I know it…I’m dripping sweat!!

My workout schedule for week 2* looks something like this:

Country Heat - Week 2 Schedule

*I follow the Country Heat Deluxe workout calendar versus the basic.

Meal Plan:

Calorie range 1,200 to 1,499 – Plan A per the Country Heat calculation in the nutrition guide that comes with the program. I love the meal plan because it uses the color coded portion control container system developed by Autumn Calabrese. Shakeology comes in 7 different flavors. I alternate usually between two different flavors for my meal plan. Be sure to search my site for recipes to include in your meal plan.

Below is my meal plan for the upcoming week if you would like to check out what I will be eating. Meal planning can seem complicated so my best piece of advice is to KEEP IT SIMPLE and DO NOT OVER THINK. Try your best to not worry about complex recipes as I have found recipes with a few ingredients allow the meal planning process and grocery shopping to go smoother. I’m a big advocate to use what you already have in your pantry or refrigerator before buying more groceries.

Nutrition is extremely important to your success and people often give up on meal planning before even trying. Please take time to read through the nutrition guide that comes with your fitness program rather than jumping into the exercises without ever reading the nutrition guide. If you are finding it difficult or really are not sure how to start, then please ask. There are meal plans on my site that you can look at for guidance and then start substituting food items I have for food items you enjoy (i.e., a vegetable for another vegetable your family will eat). I started meal planning where my dinner options were a piece of chicken breast (1 red), brown rice or quinoa (1 yellow), and green beans (1 green). The more complex you make this process the harder it is to learn how to eat healthy and in the proper portions. Your goal is to eat 5-6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism up. Your food is your fuel.

I have been asked if I stick to my meal plan 100%. Most often I do stick to my meal plan; however, there are times where I will swap my AM snack and breakfast. This is completely okay! The whole point to this journey is progress not perfection. Let’s make this meal plan happen!!

There are tracking sheets on the Team Beachbody website so that you can check off the boxes when you eat the color coded containers throughout the day. This way you will visually be able to see that you are eating balanced meals throughout the day.

Country Heat - Week 2 Meal Plan

If you would like to join my Back to School – Back to You accountability group there is still time. We kick things off on August 22. If you have been thinking about making a change or if you are like me and let the summer fun in the sun get the best of you…do not just give up. The time is now to jump back on the horse and JOIN ME! You always find time for the things you want the most…why not make your health and wellness a priority?!

If you do not currently work with a Coach, please make sure to make me your FREE coach here.

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